Medialab: Media & Community

Language: Dutch | Location: Enschede

Are you interested in the creative development and strategic implementation of innovative media?

Within our learning community we try to address complex (communication) issues from practice as broadly as possible. This means that we are not only looking for creative solutions from media strategists, but also for valuable input from the field in which the issue is located.

Learning Community
The Medialab was founded from the Creative Business program, Saxion’s premier media program. Within our program, students work on commercial and social issues by developing creative media concepts and/or products. The MediaLab focuses on the process of learning and creating together. We support students in this process using the latest media techniques and the guidance of media experts.

Within the Medialab’s learning community, we work on different themes. Each theme has multiple issues. With this we encourage the exchange of expertise in a physical, open, and social environment, not only within the project group in which you work, but also with other project groups and beyond. The MediaLab believes that cross-project collaboration, research, and creation ensures that knowledge circulates faster and more effectively, which benefits the quality of the final product.

Media & community
Within the Media & Community theme of the Media Lab, you will work on issues in which community building and making connection are crucial. You will research the environment in which the issue takes place and how new media can add value to initiate or strengthen the connection and community-building.

To give an example, next semester one of the issues will be to set up a creative community in ‘Hart van Zuid’ in Hengelo in which design, creativity and its development will be given substance. In the future, the community will play an important role in connecting and involving local businesses and in retaining creative talent in the region.

*Disclaimer: You are registering with the MediaLab for the Media and Community theme. Within this, the project leaders will make an ideal group composition, dividing up the various assignments. You will then be assigned an assignment and group. Overall, you can collaborate on the other projects within the community and your theme.