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If you can’t sign up for a project in Bison, this is either due to the fact that the project is not open for your study programme, or that the project is already full for your study programme. However, Bison seems to give the wrong error explanation ‘Student heeft geen actieve opleidingsvariant/student has no active programma variant’.  Don’t worry, you just have to find another project. 

The Smart Solutions Semester is an interdisciplinary research and development semester. During the semester, groups of six to eight students from at least three different degree programmes will get hands-on with a complex issue from the professional field or a research group. We create an interesting mix of different degree programmes, disciplines, experience, insights and talents.

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Click the link below to check out the projects for the Smart Solutions Semester starting in February 2019. Projects will be available as of 21 December, 2018. Make a list of projects you prefer.

You can sign up for a project from 16 January 2019, 8:00 AM till 21 January 12:00 AM. If you click ‘Sign Up’ on a project, you will get information on how to find your project in Bison and how to register. We try our best to publish the first draft of projectteams on 31 January. Keep an eye on Blackboard for this.

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