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Smart Solutions Semester

Welcome! The Smart Solutions Semester is an interdisciplinary research and development semester at Saxion. During the semester, groups of six to eight students from at least three different degree programmes will get hands-on with a complex issue from the professional field or a research group. We create an interesting mix of different degree programmes, disciplines, experience, insights and talents.

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Starting in September 2020?

All necessary information about the semester can be found on Mijn Saxion.  You can find the available clusters here on this website (see blue button below) from the 5th of June 2020 onwards.

Important note
Are you an international student at Saxion and have you left the Netherlands due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic? It is possible to join the Smart Solutions Semester from your home country since the semester will take place mostly online.

Due to corona-measures, there are still uncertainties surrounding minors or internships which would have taken place abroad in the upcoming semester. If you are still unclear on whether your internship or minor can go ahead, the Smart Solutions Semester can provide a great alternative.

If this is the case for you, please consider the following rules of play:

So, if on the 9th of June you’re not sure yet whether your original plan can go ahead and therefore you’re not sure whether you will definitely join the Smart Solutions Semester in September, please wait with your registration until the second round.

And don’t worry, we have enough suitable slots for everybody! This just allows us to ensure that each cluster has enough students, so that we don’t have to cancel projects last minute due to the many dropouts.

Instruction on how to register can be found here.

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