Unsolicited Advice

‘Unsolicited Advice’ is a Learning Community (LC) within the Smart Solutions Semester. The approach within the LC Unsolicited Advice differs from the other projects within the Smart Solutions Semester. The main difference is that with ‘Unsolicited Advice’ there is no predefined client! In this LC, you are in the lead. You will have the opportunity to focus on what you want to learn and what you find socially relevant.

Is the Learning Community ‘Unsolicited Advice’ something for you?

We are looking for independent, autonomous students with a proactive attitude. During the semester, you will learn to feel comfortable not having a clear predefined assignment. You will be able to define your own professional and personal learning goals. We challenge you to think creatively and go off the beaten track. You actively participate in and contribute to an inspiring learning environment to develop new innovative ideas.

What students say
“This project was not my first choice, but after day one I was happy to participate in it”. “During this semester I ‘really’ learned something”. “A semester in which you can come to a creative and surprising end result with many different perspectives”. You can read Pien van der Woning’s experience (in Dutch) on Saxion.nl.

We have enormous challenges in the areas of the environment, global warming, equal rights, and poverty/wealth. The basis of your advice is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as ‘The Global Goals’. You decide which SDG’s you want to focus on.