Forensic Research and Innovation

The Forensic Research & Innovation learning community aims to make a substantial contribution to developments and innovations in the field of forensics. Assignments range from the development or further development of new sensor techniques to the execution of sub-studies within a larger project. You will come into contact with important players within the forensic field and learn the practice of a forensic investigator or innovator. You can think of tools for customs or investigation. Some examples of topics in the past: “Money stinks is the saying, you could measure that with smart sensors just like a dog can smell drugs”. But also think about protecting rare animal species by following them and getting to know the habits because you can follow them well via a signal. Fingerprints allows us to know who has been to a crime scene. It would be even better if we could determine the age of a fingerprint, so that a time frame could also be linked to it. Or the development of techniques to determine whether important (travel) documents are genuine. Research may be related to the Technologies for Criminal Investigations research group.