Future of our Care

In the quest for the healthcare of the future, we explore innovative paths in this community that lead to a healthier society. How can we prevent people from becoming chronically ill, and what steps are necessary to transform healthcare in a sustainable way? Within our community, we focus on prevention, on everything that contributes to maintaining good health. Additionally, we direct our attention to the intersection of health and planetary health, emphasizing the relationship between the care we receive and the health of our planet. Do you contribute to making our healthcare more sustainable?

This community also hosts projects that focus on positive health, an approach that challenges the traditional perspective on health. Instead of solely focusing on the absence of illness, positive health takes center stage. People are not defined by their conditions; instead, the emphasis is on their resilience and what makes their lives meaningful. In healthcare, the focus is often on symptoms and health problems, but positive health opts for an approach centred on the individual and their well-being. Are you willing to contribute to this innovative view of sustainable and positive health?