Smart Hospitality

Get ready for a journey into the future of hospitality, where data and technology are the keys to a revolutionary experience. Welcome to Smart Hospitality, where concepts are created at the intersection of innovative technology, valuable data, and unparalleled hospitality.

Why you should be at this Learning Community:

Surprise, facilitate, connect: Smart Hospitality is all about illuminating processes, enriching guest experiences, and fostering interconnectedness among stakeholders. Whether it’s holographic hosts, QR codes in hospitality, or AI chatbots in customer service, Smart Hospitality is everywhere.

Innovation with an eye for hospitality: In our vision, hospitality is always at the heart of innovation. We design, research, and evaluate concepts that are not only technologically advanced but also create value for guests, staff, companies, and society.

A balance between experience and efficiency: Smart Hospitality Concepts strive for the perfect balance between guest experience, efficiency for organizations, and the interconnectedness of stakeholders. Think smart parking systems that provide personalized service and guest profile analysis that both surprise guests with personalized offers and provide businesses with smart upsell strategies.

What you will discover:

Data as a goldmine: The increasing digitization of the hospitality sector brings with it an abundance of data. Discover how this data can be unlocked and made meaningful for residents, visitors, and businesses, forming the basis of smart hospitality.

Technology as a force: Learn how technology is used as a tool to design and integrate new hospitality concepts. Understand how the use of technology leads to valuable data, ensuring the continuous operation of Smart Hospitality.

Become the pioneer of the future of hospitality. Join Smart Hospitality and shape a world where technology and hospitality go hand in hand. Your journey starts here, where innovation is the norm and the guest is always king!