Livable City Deventer

In this Learning Community, we will go on a journey of discovery together to learn how to make Deventer a city that is not only sustainable but also contributes to the health and hospitality experience of its residents through, for example, spatial and digital interventions.

The aim of this learning community is not only to gain theoretical knowledge but also to develop practical skills that will enable you to actively contribute to the development of a livable city. And this is in cooperation with entrepreneurs, residents, government, and many other parties in Deventer. Together, we make the city and can have a positive impact on the future of cities and their inhabitants.

During this programme, you will work on various topics, such as urban planning, digital techniques for the physical environment, sustainability, hospitality, livability, and positive health. We will also undertake hands-on activities such as challenges and interactive workshops in which you can come up with creative solutions to urban challenges.

The Learning Community Livable City Deventer offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and to network with professionals already committed to creating livable cities. We encourage you to be open to new ideas, actively participate in discussions, and collaborate with fellow students and parties in the city.

Let’s work together to develop Deventer in which sustainability, digitalization, hospitality, and well-being go hand in hand!