Language: Dutch | Location: Deventer

GROUNDED aims to develop data, methods and technologies for a structural approach of our living  environment, with a specific focus on the role of the underground, soil and subsoil. The focus is not limited to sensors, data, analysis and visualization, but also on societal relevance. How can we visualize or investigate everything that is beneath our feet in the soil? The application of sensors and the use of data (including visualization) in relation to, for example, pipelines, archaeology, climate adaptation, crimes, or infrastructure is the central aim. This will be achieved in several projects and in these projects you will collaborate with various lectorates within Saxion, lectorates of the Haagsche Hogeschool, and/or partners from industry or government, related to data and information on soil and subsoil. The clients are used to working with multiple disciplines and hope to learn from the students as well.