Technology, Health and Care

Language: Dutch | Location: Enschede

In this community, you will be working on a project of the lectoraat Technology Health and Care. The lectoraat aims to achieve the optimal match between humans and technology in healthcare and well-being through applied research. In this endeavour, you will help bridge the gap between end-users (clients and professionals), healthcare and well-being organizations, government, businesses, and knowledge institutions. Together, we possess the skills and knowledge to successfully transform and implement technology in the domains of healthcare and well-being.

Your role will involve contributing to the acceptance and implementation of market-ready technology in the work and lives of people. We, along with your collaboration, will identify the desires, needs, and support requests of end-users (both clients and professionals), test prototypes, and ensure that users are actively involved in the design process (co-creation). So, if you are not afraid of action research, can map out user needs, and want to advance healthcare and well-being, join this community!