Nano Technology

Language: English/Dutch (English unless no international students participate) | Location: Enschede

In the learning community Nano Technology researchers, students from various backgrounds and professionals from the work field, join forces to come up with clever solutions for important technological and societal problems. The application areas range from healthcare (e.g. how can we detect the onset of diabetes type II, or how can we grow organ tissue on a chip to test new medicines) to sustainability (e.g. how can electronic waste be separated for recycling, or how can we improve joints in power cables used to connect wind turbines at sea) to communication (how can quantum technologies be used for secure communication or improved computing).

All projects are carried out in multidisciplinary teams composed of researchers and students with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and nanotechnology. We welcome students who are interested in working at the forefront of technology development in societally relevant application areas. As member of this learning community, students will be expected to participate in specialised group meetings, where a group of researchers will discuss problems and possible solutions, and thus empower the students to make use of the expertise present in the research group. Furthermore, they will also be invited to events organised by the group, such as colloquia with interesting speakers and various social events.