Everything Ethics

Do you prefer to go on vacation in Italy or France this summer? It can be a tough choice, but we expect you’ll have a great vacation either way. Although it’s a luxury problem, sometimes you have to choose between two options that you don’t really want. For example, during the pandemic: do you visit your grandparents who feel lonely, or do you just wave to them through the window to avoid accidentally making them sick? This is an ethical dilemma. In the field of healthcare and well-being, there are also many ethical dilemmas. For instance, should a doctor be allowed to use a robot if it means helping a lot of people? Can homes be allocated by an AI? Or should Saxion, as a university, teach students to work with ChatGPT instead of prohibiting it?

Ethics is the focus in this Learning Community. We seek answers to these challenging questions. Moreover, we don’t just endlessly ponder what is the right thing to do; we take action. We create training programs for the professional field, provide advice to governments, businesses, and institutions, and assist Saxion in becoming a better organization. Examples of projects include developing and selling training programs to healthcare professionals on data-driven work, ethics in physiotherapy practice, speech-reported work, and their effects on the job satisfaction of nurses. This community includes both English and Dutch language projects.