Robotics and Drones

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Within this Learning Community you will find, assignments from the Smart mechatronics and Robotics research groups, in collaboration with our partners and spin-off companies.

The development of robots is going fast and there are more and more new applications. To get an idea, some of the current projects show the use of drones by the fire brigade for extinguishing of fires, the use of drones for maintenance of wind turbines, autonomous navigation with ground robots in agricultural application to remove weeds, the use of robotic arms in the automation of production processes or the use of a robot dog for detecting gas leaks. Are you interested to help develop new applications?

Join us and become an integral part of the exciting projects driving the future of technology!

All our projects give you the opportunity to work with our robots and lab facilities, develop hands-on experience, engage in actual assignments from industry and public entities (police, fire department) and make impact with your solutions. You can count on high-tech assignments and enthusiastic and skilled researchers to coach you.

Typical assignments ask for multidisciplinary teams to improve the current solutions by using robots or drones. This means you first have to analyse the current situation and possible improvement options. You will come up with your own plan, also based on the application area, client wishes and the expertise in your team. This plan might include realisation of the solution and testing it in real life environment!