Smart Materials

Language: English/Dutch (English unless no international students participate) | Location: Enschede

Plastics and composites, as well as natural materials, have become indispensable in our daily lives. This Learning Community is about materials with a smart function. This can be, remarkably strong, bacteria-resistant or with built-in technical gadgets. For example, clothing with built-in sensors that can monitor bodily functions or that change colour. Through smart construction, constructions large or small can be made extra strong or light. Materials is a broad field. Environmentally-friendly bio-based raw materials can make a substantial contribution to this in the construction industry. Smart, safe and sustainable are important keywords here. Functional Biomaterials focuses on researching opportunities to improve the performance of biological building materials, such as wood. This includes improved fire resistance, extending the lifespan, reducing maintenance, reducing air pollution or raw material consumption. Think of construction, interior, clothing, coating and parts for vehicles.