Living Technology

Technology plays an increasingly prominent role in our lives. The projects within this cluster are situated at the intersection of behavior and technology, contributing to the improvement of areas such as healthcare, customer-focus, and the use of technology on the work floor.

Within this cluster, you will have the opportunity to conduct research on the influence of technology on our behavior. Analyze how wearables, chatbots, and other technological innovations impact our daily lives, and delve into the opportunities and challenges that arise from these technologies.

We also explore the other side of the coin: how human behavior and user experiences shape the development of new technologies. Discover how insights into human behavior can lead to innovative technological solutions. This encompasses designing user-friendly technologies, identifying user needs for innovations, and raising awareness of the role of technologies and the data generated through their use.

This is your chance to delve into these captivating themes and collaborate with experts. Join us in exploring the fascinating interplay between behavior and technology, and make a real impact in the field.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):