Investors in Meaningful Business

The Investors in Meaningful Business theme sees companies, governments and education working together to address various business challenges. The theme focuses on Business Models that are in transformation. We specifically focus on Circular Business Models and Digital Business Models, as they are accelerators in the transition from the linear economy to the meaningful economy.

In this collaborative environment, students from different programmes are invited to actively collaborate with companies, government representatives and researchers from the professorship and beyond. Taking advantage of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, students are carefully linked to specific companies and challenges that match their skills and interests as much as possible.

Within the theme, we encourage an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to contribute their unique perspectives and insights and learn with and from each other.

Challenges include a wide range of assignments. Students can delve into a number of issues within our community. For example, some students will consider models that drive innovation in an ever-changing environment. Or explore together the possibilities of developing sustainable solutions that prioritise resource efficiency, waste reduction and the circular economy etc. In addition, part of our community will look at how technology and digitalisation can create new business opportunities and how it can enhance existing operations.

By actively participating in our challenges, students not only gain practical experience, but also get the chance to build a professional network and make contacts experts in these fields. The collaboration between companies, government organisations, researchers and students forms a powerful ecosystem that stimulates learning, innovation and growth. Our collaboration serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and bridges the gap between academia and the professional world. By partnering with businesses and government agencies, we aim to address real-world challenges, provide tangible solutions and contribute to the overall advancement of business practices.

Join us and be part of this theme, where collaboration, innovation and transformation are shaping the future of business models. Together, we can create meaningful impact and pave the way for a sustainable, digital and prosperous future. We are the Investors in Meaningful Business.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):