Healthy Technology

More and more technology is coming into our lives. With that, the influence of technology on us humans is growing. And conversely, the influence of humans on technology is also growing. For example, it is becoming increasingly clear that many devices are only truly valuable if they are properly tailored to their users.
What technologies exist to improve care and how can we make smart and meaningful use of them? For “smart use,” you certainly don’t just need knowledge of healthcare and technology. So too are all sorts of business and marketing challenges. And, of course, there are also all sorts of creative-communicative opportunities that need to be pioneered. This is what we will be working on in this theme!

• How can you influence people into smarter use of devices while at work?
• How can you make smart use of wearable technology in healthcare?
• How do you optimally prepare students for a simulation class?
• How can technology help you learn to better empathize with another person’s world?

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):