Health, Well-being and Tourism

We live more and more in a “global village” with people from different cultures. In this village we all want to feel relaxed, but we also want to develop as human beings. All kinds of innovations are conceivable to promote our well-being and to bring the already available opportunities to us in a smart way.
By “well-being,” of course, you don’t have to think only of “care” but certainly also of commercial-tourism opportunities. And by “smart way” you also need to think not only about technologies but certainly also have knowledge of organizational, financial, creative, facility and medical issues. These interdisciplinary issues are what we will work with in this cluster!

• Through what innovations can we better align the recreational industry and healthcare in a particular region?
• What innovative environment can help improve the well-being of migrants?
• What does the dreamed environment of elderly people with migration backgrounds look like?
• How can Smart Glasses help in (re)educating healthcare personnel?

(Voor dit thema wordt specifiek een (of meer) student(en) gevraagd die de Turkse taal spreken)

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):