Discover the World of Sensors

In a world where safety, health and efficiency are crucial, sensors are playing an increasing role. Sensors are the key to collecting valuable data from the physical world around us. They are smart, small devices capable of detecting different types of signals or stimuli. They measure and record different aspects such as temperature, light, sound, movement and much more. This technology allows us to collect and analyse a huge amount of information that helps us make better decisions and improve our quality of life. They allow us to measure, monitor and improve the world around us.

This theme focuses on projects that use the deployment of sensors in different ways. Clients come from different fields such as security (explosives detector), healthcare (measuring and analysing blood values) and sustainability (monitoring the quality of drinking water).

By participating in this theme, you will have the opportunity to design and develop innovative solutions that will shape the future of sensor technology.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):