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The Veluwezoom is the southern part of the Veluwe, also called the “golden edge of the Veluwe”. On the Veluwe-zoom is one of the Dutch National Parks located with the central point the Posbank. The area has a rich industrial history (Gazelle factory, cigar industry, paper industry, laundry industry, stone factories), but the area was also used as a decor for the painters of the Oosterbeekse school. In the 19th century, the area was a well-known retreat for the rich from the west, this can be found in the many estates and mansions that the area is known for. The Veluwe-zoom is located on the IJssel which is the connection between the different Hanseatic cities (such as Doesburg, Zutphen). Saxion students developed Zoomy, a logo for children, as part of MKB Raak project.

An interactive product should be developed for the target group of children up to the age of 13. This interactive product should ensure that the target group will experience the area by being inspired. This by using the customer journey.

Required study programs:

Creative Media & Game Technologies: Experience DesignerLetting Zoomy live digitally, taking into account the collection of data. This is necessary for visitor management.

Entrepreneuship & Retail Management: In what way should the product zoomy be put on the market in which the entrepreneurs play an important role.

Tourism Management: Bringing in knowledge of the needs target group and customer journey. And knowledge about visitorsmanagement.

Location: Opportunities are being worked on to work on location.

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