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Of course: all parents want to prevent their children from loss, diseases, sickness, suffering, death, et cetera. Unfortunately: they will have such experiences, it’s inevitable.

As those parents, professionals like teachers (primary school) and nurses will also meet children who will be affected by the expected loss of a relative (a father/mother, a grandfather/grandmother, a sister/brother), due to diseases like cancer, dementia, heartfailure, COPD et cetera. How do the professionals deal with that? How should they deal with that? Which role (in education, guiding and information) can professionals play in these situations and circumstances? How can they help? And which products (brochures, conversation starters, comfort products, et cetera) do they need to support the children?

Required study programs:

Creative Business – Media, Information & Communication: Focus on technology for education.

Nursing: Research: what are the needs of nurses who have to deal with children who will be affected by the (expected) loss of a close relative? What kind of aids do they need to support them?

Health & Applied Technology: Focus on technology for education.

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