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REV’IT! Sport International designs and develops fashionable riding gear for bike lovers. We work from our offices in Oss and New York. REV’IT! is a leading brand that produces the highest quality functional riding apparel available in more than 70 countries. Passionate motorcycle riders all over the world are wearing our brand.

Within our Innovation & Design discipline, the Research and Innovation department is responsible for new developments to be integrated in the REV’IT! collection. These developments and innovations are based on thorough research and data collection that is supported by the REV’IT! lab.

Rather than assume we know the source of a problem, we make it a practice to scientifically approach problem areas.

One of the quality standards of our high quality materials concerns the impact of UV light on the fabrics & plastics used in the collections. Given the dynamic user circumstances of motorcycling gear the light fastness has to be tested under various extreme weather conditions in order to meet the high expectations of our end-users.

Current existing testing devices on the market are not meeting our requirements and we therefore would like to develop a new (internal) testing device for testing the light fastness at varying climate circumstances.

The selected testing device should simulate the reality as close as possible.

This project offers a unique challenge for students from various Saxion study programs, such as for example Electronic Engineering students who research the various UV light sources, the Mechanical engineering students who construct the device and Fashion & Textile students who explore the testing requirements and circumstances regarding the respective materials.

Required study programs:

Mechatronics: How can the testing device be operated most effectively in order fort he results to be representative fort he desired outcome?

Applied Physics: The TN students brings in the knowledge about UV light and how this can be ‘supplied’ to testing device & the subtrate in order to simulate best the real life circumstances.

Mechanical Engineering: The ME students are bringing their knowledge & expertise about the actual design & functionality of the testing device and how this can facilitate best the desired result from the UV testing.

Fashion & Textile Technologies: FTT students understand the fundamental principles of materials construction, quality properties and testing requirements of textiles used in motorcycling gear. They also have specific knowledge about UV testing devices for fabrics and what the standards represent.

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