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Hof van Twente has a rich history. There are seven beautiful castles and estates, beautiful stories from the past and various beautiful mills. The big disadvantage is that you cannot look inside the castles because they are still privately inhabited. We are looking for accessibility of these parcial castles and the accompanying stories.

The goal of this project: an in depth visual/ virtual experience for the tourist and residents of our municipality. If users know more stories and backgrounds of history, they also see more of the environment.

The idea is to guide/ immerse visitors to the region ‘Hof van Twente’ into castles that cannot be visited. Each castle has a story: “Which technique will be most suitable to tell the story?” The idea is to set up a interactive storytelling which immerse the tourist inside the castle. It should be an attractive and appealing experience, making the tourist feel welcome the castle.

“Do you know that feeling? Places you cannot enter, but you
would like to know what it looks like inside? Then participate in this project! Make our beautiful castles and stories a true experience for the tourist”.

Required study programs:

Creative Media & Game Technologies: Experience Designer – knowledge and input for the design and development of the new tool. Artist: use visual techniques to make the tool attractive.

HBO-ICT Software Engineering: Knowledge and input for the design and development of the new tool.

Tourism Management: Knowledge and input to develop the tool related to the customer behaving in the tourism industry.

Location: There is not a specific location for this project. Once a month you can always have a worklspace at HofMarketing.

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