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* The client of this project will attend the Preview on Thursday 28th of November from 13:30 to 16:00 at Saxion Enschede (Ari├źnsplein 1).

International airport Teuge is located in the triangle of cities Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen and cleantech region in the municipality of Voorst. The municipality has included in its tourism policy that one of the pearls within the municipality is the international airport Teuge. Teuge has a rich history and a diversity of companies, from aircraft-hotel to museum, from skydiving to aircraft-simulation. The company’s activities are aime at both the business and leisure markets, with aviation being the main theme.

The aim of this assignment is to investigate which binding measures can be taken in order to promote cooperation between the various companies. In addition, it is important to look at how international airport Teuge wants to profile itself as an destination, this can be done by investigating what the DNA of the airport is. How can ICT contribute to collaborative solutions and profiling its DNA?

Required study programs:

HBO-ICT Business Management: How can ICT contribute to the marketing of the DNA of the international airport Teuge, in which the basis must be laid in the cooperation of the entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship & Retail Management: Targetgroup research, creating a customer journey, provide marketingcommunications, contact with enterpreneurs.

Tourism Management: Knowledge about hospitality and destination management.

Location: Saxion Deventer / Werkplaats Voorst.

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