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The objective of the Test- and Training-lab Care Technology is developing an optimal learning environment at Saxion for applying technology in the homecare. Up to know, Saxion has theoretical lessons in healthcare related study programs (like Nursing and Health and Technology). However, practical lessons in which care technology is tested along a given assignment is not sufficiently incorporated in these study programs.

In recent years Saxion has acquired some fancy technology which are of interest to incorporate in healthcare programs (like VR technology, motion sensors, serious games, etc.). However, up till now a systematic incorporation of practical lessons in study programs for learning how to use care technology is missing. Also, the acquisition of new technology may of interest if there is a good argumentation for incorporating it in the education of healthcare programs.

In the first semester of 2019-2020 new practical lessons with incorporation of care technology are developed. However, it is also important to motivate and educate teachers to stimulate the implementation of practical lessons. The aim of this assignment is developing an instructional program for helping and motivating teachers in implementing practical lessons with care technology. The instructional program should include:

  • Research about the most attracting format for an instructional program,
  • Building one or some instructional videos,
  • Research about the most valuable platform for incorporation instructional videos and other (digital) study material,
  • Development of a workshop which can be given during a study day.

Required study programs:

Creative Media & Game Technologies: Experience DesignerValuable because of technical competencies and creative solutions for knowledge transfer.

Creative Business – Media, Information & Communication: Valuable because of knowledge and skills regarding communication, adapted to the target group.

Nursing: Valuable because of competencies in nursing of vulnerable people.

Health & Applied Technology: Valuable because of competencies in nursing of vulnerable people as well as of the use of technology in care.

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