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End of life care encompass a intensive period of palliative care in the terminal phase of someone’s life. It is important that healthcare professionals and informal caregivers have close contact with each other in coordinating the most adequate care in cooperating with the patient and his/her family members. However, it is not always possible to have all caregivers together at the right time at the right place. Care technology like telehealth could be a solution to overcome such problems. ‘Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities.’

Compared to other disciplines, palliative care professionals make relatively little use of care technology. The low usage can be explained by a lack of knowledge and skills and low adoption rate of professionals and informal caregivers. The aim of this project is developing a training program for a telehealth application which can be used in end of life care. First, research is needed for selecting an appropriate telehealth application which can be used to support end of life care. The training program should encompass:

  • a digital preparation assignment to make students aware about important stakeholders in the implementation of technology and important factors affecting the acceptance of technology,
  • an instruction video showing how to use the technology,
  • an assignment for a practical lesson including a usecase and scenario.

Finally the training should be adapted and implemented in WijkLink (an existing platform for healthcare professionals and healthcare students).

We are looking for creative students interested in care for vulnerable people, with a background in creative business, in creative media or ICT and in nursing or health and technology.

We offer guidance from two collaborating research groups, Nursing and Technology Health & Care with close contacts with palliative care networks in the East of the Netherlands. This enables participation of the target group of professionals of palliative care in the project team. A close collaboration with another 3S assignment is foreseen in which a digital knowledge center for care technology in palliative care will be developed.

Required study programs:

Creative Business –  Media, Information & Communication: Valuable because of knowledge and skills regarding communication, adapted to the target group.

Nursing: Valuable because of competencies in nursing of vulnerable people.

Health & Applied Technology: Valuable because of competencies in nursing of vulnerable people as well as of the use of technology in care.

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