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Do you want to work on a high-potential innovative app? Look no further, this is the right assignment for you!

BonBon is an application which focuses on the innovation of the hospitality industry based on self-ordering and (split)payments. There are many creative innovative options for this application, as an addition to the self-ordering and (split)payments. There will be economic, technical and creative questions. The main question is how we can best put this on the market and how to make it scalable.

The basis of the mobile application and web application is there, the web application has a current setup with a React front-end and a NodeJS using Express back-end. The mobile application has been developed using NativeScript an Vue, which shares the same back-end as the web application. We are currently in version 1.0, which means it has to be developed further with additional functionalities.

The basis of the corporate identity has already been created, it is located on the BonBon official website: . Our main focus point in this instance lies in strategy and (online)marketing.

Furthermore there will need to be done research regarding innovative additions. For instance: payment structure/payment method, upselling or other types of creative input.

The first version of BonBon has been developed and will be tested at a local restaurant of Almelo. There has been a great amount of interest from big corporations (Banks, Beverage Producers). BonBon is an App with a lot of potential!

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Required study programs:

Tourism Management: Mapping the needs of the hospitality entrepreneur and guests, in collaboration with the app BonBon.

Entrepeneurship & Retail Management: Creating a commercial plan and active market research (possibly sales).

Creative Media & Game Technologies: Experience DesignerComing up and carrying out (possible) technical innovations. Thinking along and cooperating towards a finalized and complete product.

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