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The Stichting Enschede Marathon has a long tradition in organizing the oldest marathon event in the Netherlands. As such they are continiously searching for optimizing the running experience for all stakeholders, ie. runners, audience, sponsors, etc. Since a few years Saxion is a partner of the marathon and already involved in various research projects regarding for example water supplies, health of the runners, etc. and will continue to do so through existing connections.

In addition to this the Stichting would now like to explore further opportunies for an interdisciplinary Smart Solutions team to work on a variety of questions such as:

  • Experience enhancement: how can the experience of the marathon be enhanced by using technology to engage runners & fans more during the event. For example geo tagging could be a wearable technology to explore here using sensors.
  • Sustainability: how can the awareness and actual action on sustainability around the event be increased? Here for example one could think of designing a new sustainable outfit which contains sustainable materials/designs.
  • Overheating challenges: Since a few years the overheating problem during running events seems to be increasing challenge for the organizers. How can smart technology be applied to regulate body temperature and keep the runners cool and prevent overheating during the event.

These are first directions, depending on the interest of the participating students the final selection for the topic will be made in close conjunction with the client.

Important note:

As the Enschede marathon takes place at Sunday 19th of April 2020, and the Smart Solutions Semester only finishes in June 2020, we have agreed that the marathon event itself can be used as a data collection/experimenting event, which can be than be followed up by further enhancements and advises for the organization.

Required study programs:

Nursing: Nursing students can support the research in fysiological circumstances of the body during running and thereby contribute to the selection of innovative solutions for the challenges the runners are confronted with.

Fashion & Textile Technologies: The FTT students can create (seamless) product for the runners which encorporates wearable technology to support the well-being of the wearer. Besides their knowledge of sustainable materials and consumer testing will be needed to measure the impact of potential solutions.

Tourism Management: Students from TM can investigate the possibilities of enhancing the experience of the various stakeholders involved in the Marathon event and apply this in innovative solutions.

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