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* The client of this project will attend the Preview on Thursday 28th of November from 13:30 to 16:00 at Saxion Enschede (Ariënsplein 1).

The Dutch government committed itself to the global climate change limitation targets. Besides implementation schemes for increasing the share of renewable energy, the “energy agreement” that the government signed with industry and other organizations contains targets for improving energy efficiency of buildings (houses, offices) and industrial processes. In addition, energy grid management, in the form of Smart Grids, is becoming an ever more important aspect of the energy transition.

However, it can be difficult for some to grasp the challenges of Smart Grids, such as balancing energy usage with decentralised energy production. A demokit, in the form of tiles as shown in the figure above, could be used as an instructional tool for people wishing to learn and experiment more with different aspects of a Smart Grid, specifically students at different levels. In addition it could also be used by the clients as a promotional tool, to show examples of projects and research questions that they are involved with.

The research group Sustainable Energy Systems at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, in partnership with the research groups Ambient Intelligence at Saxion and Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems (CAES) at the University of Twente, wish to further develop a Smart Grid Demokit, based on the demkit smart grid modelling and control software developed at CAES. A Saxion Smart Solutions group worked on a preliminary concept, in addition to two graduate students. A hardware platform has been chosen. However, a redesign of the physical form of the tiles is required, as well as the edition of serious gaming aspects with which the idea can better be presented by specific groups, specifically junior school, senior school and college students. There is still much room for creative solutions, as well as testing of the updated system with real students at Saxion and elsewhere.

The assignment consists of the following:

  • Integration of current demokit hardware into a new tiles design. The tile design should be visually attractive, modular, as well as adhering to the other client requirements.
  • Design and implementation of gaming aspects of the demokit, in order to create an interactive educational experience for the different user groups, and showing different energy transition scenarios.
  • Testing a prototype of the game with students. This may not be the completed demokit system, but for example a software mockup of the game aspects.
  • Design of the visualisation of the software on the tiles touchscreens.

Required study programs:

Creative Media & Game Technologies: Experience Designer – Responsible for the design of the gaming aspects of the demokit, within the boundaries of the simulation tool from CAES. This includes all interactions with the user, and visualisation of the interaction.

Creative Business – Media, Information & Communication: Required for their knowledge with respects to educational mediaconcepts. They would be responsible for this aspect, as well as aiding in marketing the demokit to the specified target groups.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Can aid ACS student in integration of hardware and software.

Applied Computer Science: Responsible for the implementation of the software visualisation system on the given hardware, as well as the integration of other software systems into said hardware. In addition, testing of the hardware system and aiding in the integration of the hardware system into redesigned tile is valuable.

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