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Learning community: Prevention

Bison code: L.28414 (for GT: L.28307)

Problem Statement

Throughout Europe, an increasing ageing population is demanding more personalized care and support, disease prevention strategies and social inclusion. At the same time, the numbers of both potential informal caregivers and professionals in the healthcare and social welfare sectors have been decreasing which is leading to a range of complex health and social issues. More specifically, present day societies’ proclivity to exclusion, entrenched structural discrimination against particular groups and overall increasing social and health inequality creates broad social tensions and complex challenges. These sectors are grappling with issues of responsibility, power distribution and access to resources. On the other hand, the rapidly increasing availability of technology and its expanding possible applications may offer potential solutions to address some of these challenges. Other important developments are the transition from sickness and care to health and behavior in which prevention is an import keyword. In short, there is increasing demand for more personalized care and support, prevention and health promotion, and social inclusion which, in turn, demands new and modified uses of technology and new ways of collaboration between professionals and citizens.

Scope of Research

Our research context is the geographic region of Twente, Salland and De Achterhoek in the Netherlands, with national and international partnerships. We propose an interdisciplinary approach based on co-creation that involves a broad range of stakeholders including: professionals, local communities, businesses, citizens, volunteers, and clients.

Research lines and questions are:

Collaboration between professional, citizens and use of technology

  1. How can professionals support, care for and collaborate with a diverse group of citizens to live and thrive in healthy and inclusive communities with a general focus on prevention

Personalized care and support

  1. What would a personalized approach look like focusing on prevention?

Broadly, our focus lies on prevention and we explore these questions in the areas of persons with diabetes or dementia and their (in)formal caregivers, poverty, safety, privacy, a sense of belonging, loneliness and physical activity. Regarding these ‘wicked’ problems and societal challenges our focus is the development, adaptation and use of technology, collaboration between professionals and citizens, and work processes. We specifically address issues of inequality, responsibility, diversity and humanity.

This LC contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):