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A Learning Community is a little different than a regular project. So, what is different about a Learning Community (LC) and why should you choose it?

In the Learning Community you will collaborate even closer with your fellow students, Saxion researchers and the professional field. The focus is on even more dialogue and interaction between the groups, and working together on the overall challenge! This starts with you not registering for a specific project, but for the Learning Community. Week 1 will be used to determine which specific research question you will be working on and with whom. We do this by aligning the project with your learning goals and knowledge from your study programme – we will look for the optimal match! This way you will have more influence on the project and your role in it. The set-up and assessment will remain the same as for all other projects in the Smart Solutions Semester.

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Learning Community: Circularity in infrastructure and living environment 2

Bison code: L.28415

Safety, accessibility and quality of life are what we strive for in the Netherlands when we work on the infrastructure (road, rail, water and air) and design of the living environment (cities, residential areas, parks, rural areas, nature, etc.). We are also on the verge of the transitioning to a circular economy, in which we no longer use primary raw materials and no longer emit CO2. It has been agreed nationally that these goals must be achieved by 2050, with 50% completed by 2030. But we are convinced that this can, and must be done much faster.

In this learning community we learn to work in a circular economy. We will work on applying product and process innovations. Product innovations include circular and bio based products. Process innovations are more focused on the way we work, for example: circular design and construction, emission-free construction, asset management, material passports and material marketplaces, but also circular revenue models and the application of Total Cost of Ownership and citizen participation. The application of digitization solutions such as the Internet of Things, 3D design, blockchain, big data and Artificial Intelligence play an important role in this.

This LC contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):