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Project description: Healthy Together (Samen Gezond) in Deventer / Healthy Together in the neighbourhood (Samen gezond in de wijk)

From illness & care to health & behaviour

Healthcare is in motion at many places in the Netherlands. In the city of Deventer changes are becoming rather concrete. An innovative approach which stimulates bottom up change. Professionals, organisations and systems are following next. Citizens, patients and clients are at the core of this new approach. The slogan of the Deventer Approach Health & Behaviour? When people have success we support that.

From a traditional approach of Ilness and Care (Ziekte en Zorg, ZZ) we are moving in Deventer towards an approach where Health and Behaviour (Gezondheid en Gedrag, GG) are emphasized. Starting point is the experience and influence of the citizen/patient at its own health and wellbeing.

Deventer wants to be a healthy city, where living is pleasant. People are working together to offer an environment which contributes to health, where all people can participate and make as many healthy personal decissions.

See for more information:  (in Dutch only!)

This project fits well in the theme ‘Healty together in the neighbourhood’ which is part of the Learning Community All Inclusive: Technology, Health and Well-being”. In the domain of wellbeing, care and additional related domains, we see various developments that create complex questions and challenges.The development and application of technology in every day life becomes more and more real which leads to new opportunities. Current developments where technology is adopted forms the desire of the government to stimulate health and wellbeing of all citizens and improve healthcare. Recently there is shift in roles between professionals and citizens, such as the rise of Citizen science, in which citizens, care professionals, researchers, educators and enterpreneurs are experimenting and innovating together.The emphasis is on prevention, a healthy lifestyle and the pursuit of an inclusive society.

In Deventer local municipalities, health insurance companies and healthcare are aiming for more influence of the citizens on their health & ilness and their action, in which technology plays an important role. This results in questions such as: How can we engage citizens actively? How do we empahsize prevention and health promotion? How do we assure that the technology is meeting the requirements & needs of the end-users? What are the advantages & disadvantages of using technology in health and wellbeing? What dilemma’s are imporant regarding ethics, organisation and logistics?

These questions require a multi-disciplinairy approach and therefore perfectly match the objectives of the Smart Solutions Semester

The Deventer approach to Health and Behavior started at the end of 2016 and aims at a change in ethics and working methods in care and welfare throughout Deventer. The intention is that residents take control of their own health / well-being and possible care. Professionals connect to this and activate the resident to take control. Organizations, municipality and health insurer support this development.
See this animation for a short impression of the approach:

The focus of the Smart Solutions project within the Learning Community All-Inclusive will be on the below 2 projects.

Project 1:
“Together with two project leaders you will work on the realization of an innovation hub. This innovation hub or Fieldlab will become a testing ground with experiments on new forms of health and well-being. With the use of new technologies, health becomes number one instead of illness. In this transition: There will be several Field Labs across the country, concering illness & concern and well-being & behavior. Deventer wants to be one of the cities with a Fieldlab. Because Deventer is already at the forefront when it comes to health and well-being. There is already a four-year collaboration between the municipality and a health insurance company. Minister de Jonge (public health, welfare and sport) visited Deventer because he is very enthusiastic about the approach to cities. That is why Deventer needs an example and will continue to do so by providing a good follow-up by creating this innovation hub / field lab. You work together with organizations such as Saxion and the municipality of Deventer. And of course healthcare institutions that are linked to this initiative, such as Carinova, Eno (health insurance), Solis and Business Innovation Campus Gasfabriek”

 Project 2:
In Deventer local municipalities, health insurance companies and healthcare organisations are aiming for more influence of the citizens on their health & ilness and their action, in which ICT/eHealth plays an important role.

 In regards tot his an Appm has been developed which supports and activates the communication between a citizen seeking for help and the healthcare professional . In the App 5 simple questions have been included. Information which is gathered via the App will be registered in ICF*, is used for feedback to the citizen and usefull to connect with medical registration systems. The App is alredy being applied in a mental healthcare organization. The use and distribution of the App in the setting of Deventer does not work. according to expectations. Therefore research is needed to establish the needs & requirements of the user groups (citizens and professionals). Together with the users the App will be developed further and recommendations will be given to further impliment and promote the App in practice.”

Already excited? These are the new revolutions when it comes to health system and you can play a big role!

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