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* The client of this project will attend the Preview on Thursday 28th of November from 13:30 to 16:00 at Saxion Enschede (Ariënsplein 1).

Worldwide there are major global disruptions which influence the technical innovation in tourism related productdesign. In order to respond on market driven opportunities in which proven new technologies provide advantages for competitive destinations this project focuses on product development in a tourism design lab.  Topics as immersive storytelling, multi media use and data driven opportunities in a hackaton will be part of the design thinking process. Because of sustainability issues such as climate change, scarcity of raw materials, biodiversity and excessive use of fossil resources this innovative product design will meet the international sustainable development goals. The United Nations has set these goals for 2030 like active management to combat climate change, more sustainable business innovation and sustainable use of our ecosystems. The use of innovative technologies in technopreneurship in balance with the sustainability goals require a transition in tourism productdesign in order to realize meaningful business.

A regional approach (The Veluwe) -in which specific tourism experience areas are already identified – is key to design and develop sustainable tourism products and create green business propositions. This is quite a challenge. During the project you investigate proven new technologies, possibilities to apply them in the design process including data analytics to interprete the customer journey of several tourist segments.

During the project you investigate the market developments in tourism, the ins and outs of technopreneurschip in tourism and the competitive edge in which entrepreneurs, destination management organisations, landscape organisations (responsible for biodiversity) work together in developing an attractive destination. Guiding questions are: Which new technologies and design principles are available to develop attractive tourism products. How can good goverance between the involved stakeholders(entrepreneurs, landschap- and nature organisations/NGO’s and municipalities) provide a sound base for sustainable productdesign.and  a business proposWhat are cultural barriers within the producing companies inhibiting the production of sustainable electronic devices?

On a strategic level you explore how the region should guide the transition to a sustainable economy. You map out what favorable conditions are to reduce negative effects in the triple P and to increase innovative tourism products in the Veluwe.

Required study programs: 

HBO-ICT Business Management and IT Service Management: Bringing in knowledge about finding and thinking about implementation of systems.

Entrepreneurship & Retail Management: Market analysis, spotting trends and the development of sustainable business models are key in this project.

Tourism Management: Technopreneurship in hospitality-tourism and sustainability as important aspect during the innovation & design process.

Location: Deventer and sometimes Apeldoorn (approximately 1 day / month)

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