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* The client of this project will attend the Preview on Thursday 28th of November from 13:30 to 16:00 at Saxion Enschede (Ariënsplein 1).

With the expansion of demand, high altitude platforms are growing. Consequently, their maintenance and services are increasing which is endangering human lives as well. The use of robots in this platform has the potential to replace humans in those tasks that are repetitive and performed under hazardous, unhealthy and conned circumstances. In order to fulfill this desire, the robotic system should be facilitated with a hand that can implement required tasks as efficient as human.

A hand(end-effector) is the part of robotic systems that interacts with the environment. The structure and the nature of the programming depends on the performing task. Considering UAVs as a robotic system, we will have a flying hand that will be able to do maintenance in high altitude (see Fig. 1a). A key feature in task implementation is to apply force continuously during movement, regardless of the environment.

The research group of Mechatronics at Saxion, together with University of Twenet and NHL university of applied science, have initiated the Mars4earth project. One of the main objectives of this project is developing an Aerial manipulator that can fulfill a task in high altitude. A fundamental part is to design an operational hand that adapt with the environment.

Figure 1: Left A) Sample aerial hand to work on flat surface; Right B) Example of 3D surface with edge

The main goal of this 3S assignment is to design an end-effector (Hand) for an aerial manipulator that can fulfill brushing task on the edge of surface (see Fig. 1b). The required hand functionality is to adapt with 3D surfaces while make it possible to move and apply force on it. This movement direction can be in horizontal and vertical plan sequentially.


At the end of the assignment, the following deliverables should be submitted to the client:

  • Documentation (PP, SRD, FDD, TDD, TAR and final report).
  • An operational hand with which all the required functionalities can be demonstrated
  • Demonstrate brushing task on the edge while applying force continuously

Budget: The budget for this assignment shall be 500 euro

Required study programs:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ET): Electrical design (EIE en EPA)

Applied Computer Science (TI): Software Architecture

Mechanical Engineering (WTB): Mechanical design

Mechatronics (MT): System Engineering; System intergration

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