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* The client of this project will attend the Preview on Thursday 28th of November from 13:30 to 16:00 at Saxion Enschede (Ariënsplein 1).

Fire fighters are risking their life daily to rescue people from dangerous situations and minimize damage to properties. Due to the complexity of new buildings (higher, bigger, deeper), the task of the firefighters is becoming much more challenging and riskier.

To make the situation a little bit safer for firefighters, the deployment of unmanned robots is currently being investigated for exploration and fire extinguishing during calamity. The research group of Mechatronics at Saxion, together with the fire brigades from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague, has initiated the FireBot project. One of the main objectives of this project is developing an intelligent firefighting robot. A fundamental building block of this robot is sensing for localization and mapping in severe (smoke and high temperatures) conditions in parking garages.

The main goal of this 3S assignment is the design and realization of a sensing module that can be mounted on a real firefighting robot (ScarabTX). The module will be tested in real firefighting situations, together with the Fire Departments of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague.

The ultimate goal is to give the fire fighter (operator) the correct information to operate the fire-fighting robot at a safe distance while having a real sense of being present on-site using AR/VR technology. The module includes intuitive bidirectional user interface and robust communication between the robot and the operator.

At the end of this assignment, the following deliverables should be submitted to the client:

  • Project documentation (including: project plan, design documentation, software and Final report),
  • and operational sensing module with which all the required functionalities can be demonstrated in a smoking parking garage.

Extra info: we have an interactive pool table in our research group for student use.

Required study programs: 

Creative Media & Game Technology (CMGT): AR/VR; data visualization

Forensic Research (FO):Performing Experiments

Applied Computer Science (TI): AR/VR; data visualization

Mechatronics (MT): System Engineering; System integration

Applied Physics (TN): Design an experimental setup which simulates a real life fire fighting situation

Mechanical Engineering(WTB): Mechanical design

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