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In the Slingeland Hospital in Doetinchem we are confronted with an increasing number of fall incidents. Currently, a bed alarm is used on which the nurse receives a call when the patient threatens to get out of bed. Literature shows that this type of bed alarm system is not effective to prevent fall incidents. In a few years, a new hospital will be built, in which mainly single rooms are available with less supervision. We know from experiences in other hospitals that single rooms will likely increase the prevalence of fall incidents. For that reason we are looking for better domotics to prevent fall incidents. 

In this project you will investigate the effectiveness of suitable available domotics and you will find possible ameliorations on how these domotics may be improved. This requires both knowledge of the causes of fall incidents in the hospital as technological solutions to prevent these incidents. Therefore, this will be a challenge for students who want to collaborate interdisciplinary.

This project requires competencies on health and health care, as well as on specifically health care related technology, and on more general (out of the box?) technical solutions regarding the options and limits of domotics, in order to optimise the effectiveness in preventing fall incidents. 

Required study programs:

Nursing (VPK): Knowledge of fall incidents

Health & Applied Technology (GT):  Knowledge of fall incidents and technics

HBO-ICT Business Management, IT Service Management and Software Engineering: Knowledge of algoritms and artificial intelligence

Mechatronics (MT): Knowledge of technics

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