Signposting Helmerzijde

Bison code: L.28213

Mediant GGZ is an institution for mental health care in Twente and has several locations in the region. Helmerzijde is the main location. At this location, clients are admitted to clinical wards and/or come for day treatment. The signposting which was put up on the Helmerzijde site in the past needs to be revised. This partly concerns the design, but the logic of the signposting is at least as important.

The aim is to create signposting that enables visitors to find their way around the grounds quickly and easily.

The outcome is expected to be a substantive proposal regarding the most suitable signage, its location on the site, its layout, and a proposal for its implementation and the associated costs. It is important that aspects such as maintenance and energy savings are also taken into account if lighting is used.

Cluster: Experience Buildings & Environment 2