Noabers help lonely elderly: match between activities, technology and elderly

Bison code: L.28411 (for GT L.28412)

The ‘IkKanWelzijn’ Foundation (IKWZ) carries out regional care assignments for, among others, provincial authorities. One of the current assignments is to contribute to reducing loneliness among the elderly in various towns and villages in Twente. In this context, the foundation wants to clearly identify the target group for each town and village, including their needs, wishes and passions. Thereafter, the foundation intends to create methodologies based on a ‘match-make system’ in which various relevant parties are connected with various activities and technologies, so that loneliness can be tackled among the relevant target groups. The IKWZ foundation would like to have a sustainable business model for these various towns and villages.

Customer question:

Which business model is suitable for the IKWZ foundation to contact lonely elderly people and to meet their wishes and needs in the various towns and villages in Twente in order to reduce loneliness? And how can this be rolled out sustainably per town or village through local partners and efforts?

Cluster: Elderly Care 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):