Improving Employment Prospects

Bison code: L.28356

The rapid changing demands of work pose a particular challenge for people with a vulnerability, who are at risk or have an already challenging labour market position. People who are less educated, have little work experience or are in a different position due differences in mental, cognitive, language or physical background also have greater difficulty in accessing the benefits of traditional tools and programmes for stimulating sustainable employability.

At the same time it is difficult to find, train and keep developing workers in increasingly technical jobs demands. The mission of the Technohub Inclusive technology is to keep complex work accessible for a larger and more inclusive group of people. In the Smart Solution Semester, students can participate in the development of smart solutions for improving employability prospects for people. In the current phase we focus on job orientation and training with smart vision.

This project has two main goals:

  • Designing smart tools, methods and interfaces for job orientation, assessment and coaching and guidance for people who have difficulties finding and maintaining work.
  • Designing smart tools, methods and interfaces for training and coaching and guidance of people who have difficulties finding and maintaining work

The question central to this smart solution project are:

  • How can technology be used to make learning on the job easier, more inclusive and more accessible?
  • How can they get a realistic experience of their job?
  • How can we improve job orientation tools so that they are also accessible for people with for instance problems in language or cognition who need more visual methods for job orientation and training?
  • For which group of people can this be a solution?
  • What is needed for more inclusive job coaching?

Designing new smart job orientation tools will impact how job coaching and career guidance can be positioned and carried out and which skills, competencies and HR practices are required within an organisation, in particular for the specific needs of a more inclusive workforce.

For instance, developing Virtual Reality (360 degrees video’s) job orientation, assessments or matching tools for jobs that are in need with the participating partners in the technohub could solutions in this project. Another example is the development and implementation of smart projections, such as Augmented Reality or Operator Support Systems, which can support new or existing workers in learning new skills on the job. And the development of inclusive job coaching programmes to support the worker and the organization.

The research project will be caried out in the Technohub in close cooperation with partners within the technohub: Amongst other Lucrato, Ijssel technology, KIT and VDL.

Note: also students Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology will join this projectteam!

Cluster: Future Jobs

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):