Journalistic platform Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede

Bison code: L.28377

Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede normally publishes a brochure every season. However, times are different now and we are trying to find new ways to bring the program to the market in stages.

The concept

A digital platform that no theatre lover from Enschede and the surrounding area wants to miss. A platform that inspires, surprises, invites and informs every day. It consists of several sub-platforms with different shapes, colours and target audience: from Facebook and Instagram to a YouTube channel and digital newsletters. For example, we are working on a growing fan base with which we communicate throughout the year (and which can also communicate with us).

The digital platform is a kind of digital newspaper that replaces the printed guide and becomes the convenient communication channel. We will start in Enschede, in the back of our minds upscaling to Twente. In addition, we are investigating whether we continue to serve theatre enthusiasts (in a different way) in print, for example with fixed pages in a weekly newspaper in collaboration with 1Twente / RTV Oost or a structural place in a regional cultural quarterly publication (for which there are now plans).


Contact with the public is about the customer relationship. A customer relationship becomes more valuable the more personal you communicate, and therefore more relevant. We prefer to reach all (possible) visitors; from the enthusiast who sits in their regular place in the hall at least six times a year, to the young family that came to live in Enschede last week. In this plan we opt for three customer profiles with which we can improve the relationship with a targeted content strategy.

In the three profiles we choose a mix of objectives, namely:

  • To bind a relatively new, but strongly represented target group to the city;
  • Increasing the conversion by using repeat visits to an important and strongly represented target group for which we also have a lot to offer;
  • Binding a very specific target group that is always “easy” to reach through relevant collaborations, and where the greatest chance lies in really profiling us as a brand (transcending presentation).

We seek alignment with WME’s CRM customer profiles

  • Young people (young digitals, 20-35 years old)
  • Culture-loving middle class (40-75 years)
  • Families (young families, 30-45 years old)

So, how can Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede present its programme to visitors in an informative and amusing way in these changing times?

Cluster: Future Entertainment