Develop Realtime Machine Monitoring and Maintenance System

Bison code: L.28291

Background: OSP develops / provides custom made applications; it delivers tools for sales and after sales for Manufactures, importers, dealers and ‘end users’ (Agriculture; Automotive; Food; Industry etc). We also enable them to help their customers. To get as self-sufficient as possible, but without losing the human factor. Supply chain optimization and integration is key!

OSP has developed several innovative custom made applications which are mainly integrated with back office tools and are connected online and offline. We serve several companies which are leading in their industry.

The solutions share a common vision: custom made; customer driven; co created and machine driven.  Which improves the T&T and power to achieve corporate goals.

Many Manufacturers, importers and dealers cope with (Remote) support problems. In times where customer service in general is key, you need to act on the most actual and accurate information for support; as much self-service as possible. But technical information needs to be classified, which needs to be automatically in place. And BIG data / combining existing data into understandable pieces is key.

Our challenge:

How we can achieve a universal Machine integration concept which is not only remotely readable and accessible everywhere in the world, but also scalable and independent from local infrastructure. This via an MVP for most common markets.

Cluster: Industrial Automation