Sports accommodation, renovation or new construction, which is financially most attractive for sports clubs?

Bison code: L.28359

From the legislation and the ambitions on the theme of sustainability, sports clubs are flooded with information and activities on making sports facilities more sustainable. Every club knows how to implement the first measures. LED (sports) lighting, solar panels and even charging stations are realized at sports clubs. However, when it comes to other measures, such as insulation and installations of the club building, far fewer steps are taken. Moreover, the integration is completely missing. Each measure is implemented separately. For example, wall insulation is installed first, new installations are realized and only later roof insulation. The last step, however, creates a different indoor climate, requiring changes to the installations. This has negative consequences for the club. In some situations it is also cheaper to go for a new building instead of renovation/adaptations. To come to a good and well-founded choice, it is important to develop a complete and integral decision tree. Sustainability is one of the components in this, but components such as legislation on indoor climate and noise are also important.

The decision tree gives the club insight when they look integrally at the accommodation and the associated adjustments. This gives the club insights and advice, en helps them decide whether renovation or new construction is the best solution. Will you help develop this decision tree?

Cluster: Managing Buildings

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