Meet the school

Bison code: L.28358

When making a choice of elementary school, parents usually visit the elementary school. This allows the child and the parent(s) to discuss education and experience what an educational method means in practice. A child sees and feels what the school looks like from the inside. This cannot be traced back to a photo in a school guide and/or a website. You have to experience this feeling.

However, due to corona measures, parents cannot visit the school. Because of this, the school cannot receive potential children and parents. The school would like to be hospitable to the parents, but the current corona measures do not allow for this.

By developing an (online and) virtual tour, the child and parents can still receive a tour of the school. This allows the school to fictitiously open its doors and be hospitable to the parents, even in these corona times. In the longer term, this virtual tour can still provide an extra engagement opportunity for the schools themselves.

Cluster: Storytelling and Visualisation 2