A portal for financially healthier and sustainable sports clubs

Bison code: L.28357

Background information:

Driven by club love and with the club’s interests at the forefront, we are loyal to the club. We share, make and give energy. Together with the fans of the club, we install energy facilities, which are renewable and economical. In doing so, we serve the general interest of the club. We aim for a flourishing club life. We are Sports Energy, for the club.

With this vision we support sports directors and officials with the realization of energy facilities. Through this support and measures, sports clubs can stay financially healthy, helping guarantee sports and exercise activities in the long term.

Sports associations also keep more money for …. more members, more volunteers, more activities or more sports equipment. They will also comply with the Environmental Management Act and the climate objectives.


Sports administrators and officials have little insight into energy and gas consumption, landlines, connections, contracts, etc. and thus savings opportunities. Their suppliers don’t actively inform them that they can save on energy purchases or that a certain sustainability application is unsatisfactory. As a result, associations pay too much or certain payback projections are not met.

To support sports clubs we would like to develop a tool/monitor, so that all the information is clear for a sports director. This tool should be in an online environment, so that a future director can easily access the information, but that it also remains available in case of board member changes.

The tool should:

  • be able to indicate energy consumption per source
  • provide signals in case of (extreme) deviations
  • register solar panels, including warnings in case of yield reduction
  • provide an overview of the number and type of gas/energy connections, including a signalling function
  • calculate module real estate association, including indication of possible return
  • alarm function when energy contracts expire
  • provide an overview of maintenance contracts for various installations
  • provide an overview of sustainability measures yet to be taken, including possible payback times and current advice in terms of investment.
  • show quick wins in terms of sustainability measures

There are already a number of tools that give sports directors insight into energy consumption. This tool should mainly support sports directors, provide signal functions and actively contribute to a financially healthier and sustainable sports club. By supporting sports clubs in this, they can focus on organizing the sports and exercise supply, recruiting new members and retaining volunteers.

Cluster: Get Moving