Citizens’ perspective on healthy and safe ageing and the potential role of technology

Bison code: L.28336 (for GT: L.28335)

This project is an extension of the project ‘Healthy and safe ageing in Almelo’, which recently started as a practice-based citizen science project with the elderly living in de district Schelfhorst in Almelo. The project ‘Healthy and safe ageing in Almelo’ focuses on housing and care for the elderly living in Schelfhorst. The policy of Dutch municipalities and other stakeholders is aimed at ensuring that older residents (continue to) live independently in their own living environment and prepare themselves for this. But what do the elderly themselves want, and how do they see their own role and responsibility? Those questions are leading in the general project, which is one of the pilots of TOPFIT Citizenlab.

In TOPFIT Citizenlab, residents, researchers and developers work together on new tools and new approaches to involve citizens in research and innovation of technology for health, health promotion and prevention of sickness. The overall aim of TOPFIT Citizenlab is to understand how people in Twente use technology in daily life for promoting health and preventing sickness, with the objective that people in Twente live two years longer in good health. Several schools and research groups at Saxion are involved in the research and innovation within TOPFIT Citizenlab, connected to the prevention and technology focus of AGZ’s research strategy.

The current project ‘Citizens’ perspective on healthy and safe ageing and the potential role of technology’ focusses on the wants and needs of the elderly with regard to specific housing and care, and health, wellbeing & quality of life in general. The research part of the project also aims to collect the opinions and views of the elderly regarding the possible role of information and communication technology in the development and implementation of products and services for a healthy and safe living environment in their neighbourhood.

An important objective of this project is to shape the project together with the elderly. The innovation part of this project includes jointly exploring opportunities for technology-supported products, tools, interventions or other services that support a healthy and safe living environment or neighbourhood for the elderly in Schelfhorst.

Cluster: Elderly Care 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):