Health Promoting CitizenScience: digital research tool for local research into health and well-being

Bison code: L.28333 (for GT: L.28334)

In TOPFIT Citizenlab, residents, researchers and developers work together on new tools and new approaches to involve citizens in research and innovation of technology for health, health promotion and prevention of sickness. The overall aim of TOPFIT Citizenlab is to understand how people in Twente use technology in daily life for promoting health and preventing sickness, with the objective that people in Twente will live two years longer in good health. Several schools and research groups at Saxion are involved in the research and innovation within TOPFIT citizenlab, connected to the prevention and technology focus of AGZ’s research strategy.

The specific challenge for this Smart Solutions Semester project is the development of a citizen science research application that can support citizens in initiating bottom-up research and applies citizen science oriented research tools for collecting and analysing information in their own social context.

The research in this project includes the exploration of the functionalities of existing neighbourhood apps and citizen science apps, in addition to a mapping of needs and expectation of citizens regarding the use of technology for health and well-being.

The product innovation of this project is the ideation and prototyping of a health promoting citizen science application. This application is a toolbox with research methods for small-scale local bottom-up research. The main idea is that citizens can apply these tools by themselves and use them to initiate their own research into health and well-being in their own daily life.

An important objective of this project is to shape the project together with citizens, therefore you will do research together with citizens, ideate, co-create and prototype the research tool in collaboration with citizens and TOPFIT Citizenlab. The goal of the project is a working prototype of a health promoting citizen science research application.

Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 3

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):