Unburdening of Real Estate needs

Bison code: L.28331

Developing and elaborating a Business Model for a total unburdening of the real estate offer on the basis of the flexibilization of commercial housing issues.

From our company and our cooperation partner CSW, we already serve a diversity of target groups, where the starting point is hospitality. The companies are active in meetings & events, flexible working concepts, office rental and conference room rental. The idea is to offer an overarching concept in which support is offered for the housing issue of organizations. In short, you can literally reserve a consultation room within our organization starting from 1 hour up to renting an office building for a long(er) period. This housing solution is unique and must be approached from a hospitality point of view to guarantee distinctiveness within the housing services.

You might carry out research in:

  • Analyzing needs and desires potential customers
  • Analyzing needs and desires of Real Estates
  • Analyzing competition
  • Benchmarks

Cluster: Managing Buildings