Sustainable local food system

Bison code: L.28330

The project aims to create sustainable local/regional food systems which are supported with technology. Sustainable food system is about creating interconnections in the supply chain, from farmer to consumer, from soil to plate. Every stage of the supply chain, with its stakeholders, needs to be knowledgeable and able to connect and deliver value to the system as a whole. Farmers, consumers, markets, price, knowledge management, inputs, logistics, packaging, guarantees, quality and financing need to be established, designed and supported.

In this project you help to set up and manage a sustainable local food system. We assume a local agricultural product such as wine, grain or meat, we market this and ensure sustainable distribution, quality controls and good promotion to the consumer. It is up to you to give this process a technological impulse and to support every link in this short chain with smart solutions.

Cluster: Food and Health

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):