Let Accres grow!

Bison code: L.28329

Accres is a multi-social service provider and has one shareholder, the municipality of Apeldoorn, and several clients, including the Municipality of Apeldoorn and the Municipality of Almelo. The ambition of Accres and its shareholder is for Accres to grow further in the coming years and to become less dependent on the municipality of Apeldoorn. Accres, therefore, aims to grow at both corporate (holding) level, expanding its assignments portfolio with existing clients or new clients, and at exploitation level, with more visits, higher expenditure per visitor, more participants, etc.

To achieve this there is a vision document (“Sales vision”) with several growth strategies. Also, the competitors have been mapped out at the corporate level. Accres would like to further concretize this with a growth potential analysis, market research, and a clear proposition in the area that Accres has to offer. To do this, map out what that market looks like, what the opportunities are, how other comparable organizations do this, what the specific need is for this, etc.

Thus: Accress wishes to grow (expand to new and existing customers), and needs a new way of communicating/ promoting/ presenting their offers towards the target group(s). A tool/ platform might be a possible idea, but the end result is up to the students.

Cluster: Sustainable Business