A state of the alumni programme

Bison code: L.28328

Nive Opleidingen is a well-known educational institute in the financial field. Our HOFAM programme is well established and has been running for over 40 years. Besides the 18 months of HOFAM, we also offer several other short-term courses. Our target group consists of professionals in the area of financial and business control who want to improve their skills and knowledge in order to become highly skilled professionals.

We are determined to strengthen our position under alumni, business-to-business market and partnerships.

This project finds it basis in our desire to build a highly valued relationship with our students and graduates. Objectives are: Give graduates the opportunity to easily stay in touch. Provide training and share knowledge to graduates and students. Expand the group of graduates that are warm supporters of our programme and offerings.

Events, online and offline will be of importance. Annually we organize the Controllerscongres which is attended by 250 to 400 participants. Since this year, we also organized shorter online events.

The project focuses on building an alumni programme that caters towards the needs of our students and alumni, and provides us with commercial tools to increase our sales levels.

Currently we are also working on the development of Business-to-Business network events and on partnership programmes. These activities need to be connected to the alumni programme.

Cluster: Future Entertainment