Cluster: Deventer of the Future

Deventer Informatiestad (DIS) is developing an (online) platform in which involving social innovation in the city plays an important role. Social innovation as in ‘collaborating together as one city’

During the past half year, students have worked on a project ‘The City as Employer’ in which they delivered an advisory report. The report describes how an online community for the city of Deventer can be designed and what key success factors are needed to make and keep this community successful. This advice is mainly based on an online community for the IT-sector, as this is closely aligned with the problem definition and the aim of Deventer to become the innovation hub in the east of The Netherlands. In short: an all-inclusive labour market in which organisations experiment with personnel in a transcending way (sustainable and corporate social responsibility).

The next step is organising (online) events which benefit all companies and employers. And will also contribute to lifelong learning, for the employees, but also for trainees and students.